LSG’s Innovational – Whole Child Approach.


Early Childhood with Spanish Immersion

At a young age, children are able to learn about the diverse viewpoints of our society very easily. Little Spanish Garden facilitates this process with the dual immersion of Spanish and English.  Along with learning two languages, the children learn to interact with different viewpoints easily.

Dual Language Programs

With the immersion of the Spanish language, the aim is to prepare the children for the life ahead of them.  The dual-language programs are of the following four types mainly.

  1. Developmental programs that focus on native speakers of the partner language for maintenance.
  2. Foreign language immersion programs that enroll native English speakers for better exposure.
  3. Heritage language program who focus to teach the native English speakers the language of their parents or grandparents ie their heritage. And the fourth is
  4. Two-way immersion program that focuses on a balanced strength of native English and natives of parter language.

This fourth type is what Little Spanish Garden focuses on.  This new growing concept is likely to spread with greater speed in the very near future.  We have adopted the concept of immersion with our heart and as a pioneer of the system, we feel very proud of our achievements.