Child care is now Early Education.



Child care used to entail nothing more than that: someone to look after and care for your children.  The world, though, has changed, changing childcare right along with it.  Child care is no longer such a simple proposition, and high-quality child care resembles effective education more than anything else.  It is no longer enough to send your child off to a caretaker and hope that everything works out for the best.  Our society is far too competitive, and we need to do all that we can do to give little boys and girls an edge in life.  Our mission at Little Spanish Garden is to provide early education for our children which also provides at no additional cost, Spanish immersion.

Education, of course, does not need to be (and should not be!) boring. We work play into our early education strategy, focusing on language learning first and foremost.  Because studies bear out the conclusion that language learning in early childhood leads to success later in life, we introduce children to Dramatic play, Art, Stories, and Block play, all centering on language as a tool for communication and self-expression.

At Little Spanish Garden, child care is never just child care – it’s Early Education with a Global perspective!