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Buffalo’s first and only Spanish immersive early learning center is set to open doors to a second facility in 2020.  Located in Amherst, New York and just one mile away from Windermere Elementary School, the new learning center designed by Sutton Architecture and built by JEG Construction will feature classrooms that service infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  The classrooms are considered destinations where the children can travel to Latin American countries such as Chile, Peru, Mexico and Cuba.  But that’s not all.  The new LSG center will also facilitate continuity of care.  LSG is one of the few centers that have included a continuity of care room, it is Cuba with a family theme.  The Continuity of care – Cuba room will have one teacher or two teachers that care for infants until preschool age when they will travel to Mexico classroom.  Siblings can also be cared for together with the same child educator.  LSG founder; Elizabeth Brooks said; “At LSG we believe that a collaborated and coordinated approach along with a vision can lead anyone a long way towards the fulfillment of their goals.  As a result, all the educators here try to deliver their best towards educating children by offering a program that encompasses our vision and goals.  To make sure our curriculum follows a balanced approach that can lead children in a fun way, I ensure to asses the program myself and I am honored to have such an amazing team of teachers and parents alongside.  The reason behind the success of LSG is our teamwork. We are all excited!”